We have been racking our brains for a long time, thinking a lot and analyzing everything to the millimeter because there are things that are failing and the time has come to make an URGENT decision.

First of all, we are infinitely proud and happy with how much this project has grown (us and you with it).

We have come a long way:

  • We have improved the quality of our parts and our workshops .
  • We have begun to use more exclusive, precious or rare materials in the manufacture of our jewelry.
  • We have invested in innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • We have reinvested in a new, more intuitive online store for you.
  • We have adopted more sustainable practices such as the use of ethical and environmentally friendly materials.
  • We have improved the customer experience : from our packaging to faster shipping or personalized services.
  • We have incorporated advanced technology in the creation or presentation of our jewelry.
  • We have finally opened our first office .
  • We have had a new addition to the team and we want to continue having more.
  • We have always offered free shipping throughout the peninsula.


And, the truth is, that is something we want to continue doing always, FOR YOU.

We have always thought that it was possible to do it and we have gone for it, without taking into account thousands of other things that were necessary and, well, a time has come when everything has exploded and we have to make a change.

There are more than five thousand of you who have a SACH piece. We are a transparent and sincere brand and therefore, we wanted to be clear with you.


SACH's truth:

A few months ago we put our numbers in the hands of expert consultants, the truth is that we were very scared (and we are still worried) but with the help of the entire team of people who know about this, we still have hope...

Everything has increased in price: From our materials for making the jewel, the creation of a prototype, the labor of the artisans... Everything has increased in a way that is suffocating us... Up to 40%... But since we believe so much in our project and we know that we are doing things well, proof of this is your hundreds of positive messages, we want to continue with this project, offering quality and design.

The solution  from SACH:

For this reason, we are forced to make the decision to raise the prices of our products, but don't be scared, it will increase by around 15%-20%. The consultants have analyzed each product exhaustively and in some the increase will be less noticeable, but others will have to increase more.

I don't know if it will seem like a lot to you or not, but for us it is a salvation.

When will we do this upload:

We are aware that for some of you this measure will not be so good for you, but we also know that many others will understand and will even wait for this solidarity increase.

Until August 31, you could buy the new collection with a “ -20% discount ” and from this date, the entire website will increase in price.

If you want to take advantage before the climb, we're happy!

I hope you understand us and can continue accompanying us. We are going to continue giving our all in this project!

P.S; As always we are all ears! Do not hesitate to contact us via email or however you prefer and we will read you happily!



Alejandra, Manuela & Lola.